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Ecopista do Sabor

Walking Trails

Av. Jorge Luís Borges 34, 5160-220 Torre de Moncorvo

41.17415, -7.0

279 252 289

The Sabor Greenway is a space of real beauty, resulting from the use of the railway line, in the section between the north bank of the Douro River, in Pocinho, and Carviçais, in a total of 34 km of walking path. From the trail you can contemplate the wonderful landscape over the Douro River, Torre de Moncorvo, Vale do Sabor and Serra do Reboredo. This trail was made as an infrastructure for recreation and sport, but it is also a route that rediscovers landscapes of great beauty, forgotten since the deactivation of rail transport.

Extension: 34 Km

Difficulty: Medium

Scope: Sports, Cultural and Environmental

Recommended Season: All year