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Casas do Bairrinho


Rua do Bairrinho, 34 5350-312 Sambade - Alfândega da Fé

Always open

41.412512, -6.969243

279 479 133

919 500 079

968 591 695

916 958 292

Casas do Bairrinho is a set of five houses for tourist accommodation. They result from the recovery of 5 old properties, integrated into the urban fabric of the typical Trás-os-Montes village that is Sambade.

Located on the south side of the Bornes mountain range, in Sambade, Trás-os-Montes, Casas do Bairrinho offers the tranquillity, well-being and cosiness of an authentic rurality.

The mountain and the valley, the reservoirs and the Sabor River, or the Douro below, provide a panoply of wonders and peculiar adventures.

From Casas do Bairrinho, one leaves with a desire to return.

We intend to provide you with great stays, with all the means for you to fully enjoy the charm of the village of Sambade and all its ambience and lavishness. Wherever you are, getting to Sambade is simple.

For those who prefer a quieter place, this project offers several options, such as Casa do Cabo, Casa do Canto, Casa do Forno, Casa Pequena and two swimming pools. Casa do Largo, also part of the "Casas do Bairrinho" project, is located in the Dr João Noronha Square, in the heart of the village, and is a good alternative for those who prefer to socialize with the locals.