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Bridge over the river Tua


Pte. Sobre Tua, 5370-408 Mirandela

41.485072, -7.183658

Also known as Ponte Velha (Old Bridge), this extensive and monumental bridge crosses the Tua River in the city of Mirandela. It was used as a road until the eighties but has since served exclusively as a pedestrian path. It was built in 1536, during the reign of King Manuel I, having undergone several interventions and reconstructions over time. In 1726, when a project to repair the bridge was undergoing, there were two alcoves in its centre, one dedicated to Nossa Senhora and the other serving as an invocation of Senhor dos Aflitos, represented on a two-metre cross with Jesus Christ crucified. These will have been dismantled in the middle of the following century. In 1909, due to the great floods of the Tua river, four arches near the left bank collapsed, with the reconstruction carried out in 1910 replacing the ruined arches with only two larger ones, thus leaving the bridge with nineteen arches currently visible.