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Church of the Seminary - Nossa Senhora da Encarnação

Churches and Monasteries

Rua José Morais Sarmento (EN 103) 5321-331 Vinhais

41.8323788, -7.0082658

The church of the Seminary of the Apostolic Missionaries of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, whose sculpture is found in wood on the reredos of the main altar, and in granite on the exterior pediment of the temple. In the inner part of the atrium, engraved on granite tombstones symmetrically placed on the sides of the main door, one can read the following inscriptions: “He founded this seminar, José de Morais Sarmento, nobleman of the Royal House, Mestre de Campo, and born in this village of Vinhais, in the year 1751. He ceded his patronage in the hands of His Majesty and died in the year 1762”. In the choir of this church there is an image of a Christ, carved by a priest named Friar Domingos, of great artistic value and wealth.