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Montesinho Natural Park

Natural Park

ICNF - Avenida da República, 16 1050-191 LISBOA, PORTUGAL

41.90593812473747, -6.86016516076291

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The Montesinho Natural Park is one of the largest protected natural areas in Portugal and, with a total surface of 74 thousand hectares, it is one of the largest natural parks of the 12 in the country. It is located in the north-eastern Region of Trás-os-Montes, encompassing part of the municipalities of Bragança and Vinhais, within the so-called Terra Fria of Trás-os-Montes. The two large massifs in the park stand out, namely the Serra da Coroa (to the west) and the Serra de Montesinho (to the east), the latter one giving the park its name.

It has a great diversity of fauna, with more than 240 vertebrate species, of which 150 are birds. In addition, otters can be seen in the river areas, as well as wolves, deer, wild boars, and roe deer in the great hills.

As for the flora, the extensive patches of Pyrenean oak, poplars, alders, willows, chestnuts, and holm oaks stand out.

In this vast territory you can also discover the villages where the community lives in harmony with its landscape. A large part is still communal, where agricultural land, pastures and ovens are shared among all the inhabitants. Also noteworthy are the examples of popular architecture that use materials characteristic of the region, such as dovecotes, water mills and communal forges.