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Mother Church of Sambade

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Largo do Cruzeiro, 5350, Sambade, Alfândega da Fé

41.412999, -6.974462

The Mother Church of Sambade is the municipality's largest and most important religious building, classified as a Building of Public Interest since 1935. It is a late 18th century construction, being at the time, 1758, an important Rectory. Although relatively recent, it was built where once existed a church from the 13th century.

The church has a baroque configuration with the presence of rococo and neoclassical elements, flanked to the north by an imposing bell tower.

The frontispiece presents a portal with a flattened arch surmounted by an interrupted semi-circular pediment, from which a rose window with an apron connecting it to the door emerges. Inside, the granite floor nave presents two side altars and two more placed in a chamfer, in the area of the triumphal arch. The interiors are made in chestnut wood painted with flourishes and symbols of the Passion. The apse has a reredos dedicated to Our Lady, in Pombaline style.

Outside the rear façade there is a niche with the marble image of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, the patroness saint.