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Roe deer enclosure of Grijó and Vilar do Monte

Parks and Gardens

5340-152 Grijó

By appointment

41.4987111, -6.9710152

919 804 760

The roe deer enclosure of Grijó / Vilar and the Roe Deer Interpretive Centre offer nature lovers a unique experience and contact with various species of the local fauna in their natural habitat. The Roe Deer Interpretive Centre is a source of knowledge. Here you will have the opportunity to learn more about the creatures of our enchanted woods. The roe deer is the protagonist of this space, but other animals and species roam free through these hills.

Venture on a hike along the Corço Route, which is about six km long. Enjoy the view of the city of Macedo and the magnificence of the mountain range of Serra de Bornes. Enter the enclosure. Safely navigate the trail that the animals also use. Do not be scared if a male bleats or grunts at you. It is its way of greeting you and remind you that you are in its territory. This is our contribution, so that everyone gets to know our fauna and help us to conserve it.