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Sanctuary of Cerejais

Churches and Monasteries

Rua do Santuário, N.º 1, 5350-220, Cerejais, Alfândega da Fé

41.29123, -6.924671

The construction of the Marian Sanctuary of Cerejais started in 1961 and continues to grow, as the Chapel of the Holy Trinity dates to 2018. It currently comprises a main church, and the Calvary and the Loca (grottoes) nuclei.

The Sanctuary, founded by Canon Manuel Joaquim Ochôa, is an important engine for local development and hosts works by numerous plastic artists, both national and international. It also has a retirement home and accommodation for pilgrims and visitors. The highlight of the pilgrimage is the feast in honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which takes place on the last Sunday in May.