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Santo Antão da Barca - Lagos do Sabor

Churches and Monasteries

5350 Sardão, Alfândega da Fé

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41.263682, -6.887366


In general, the sanctuaries are almost always raised in high places, but originally the chapel of Santo Antão da Barca, which gave rise to the sanctuary and a great pilgrimage of regional reach, was built on the right bank of the Sabor River, in the parish of Parada and the last construction (or reconstruction) dated from the mid-18th century. The construction of the Baixo Sabor dam submerged the entire space, but the chapel was practically moved in its entirety, as the mural paintings that existed in it were recovered. The new building is now located halfway up the slope, relatively close to the old site, with a splendid landscape provided by the lakes of Sabor and the surrounding mountains that the new altitude makes it possible to observe.

The new sanctuary of Santo Antão da Barca, in addition to the chapel itself, also offers a small museum unit where there are some paintings, a photographic exhibition and video installation on the relocation of the sanctuary, and a collection of ex-votos that already existed in the old space to discover. The new infrastructure also includes a replica of the diving fountain that existed in the previous space (which was no longer the original), an area for accommodation and restaurants, and ample space for picnics and parking.