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Viewpoint and Fortified Town of Cidadelha


Vinhais, 5320

41.4246066, -6.3098914

The large, fortified proto-historic town of Cidadelha is located on top of the hill with the same name, northwest of the village of Vinhais. Of great defensive strategic value, it has been, over the centuries, also called a citadel.

On the north side were built a barbican, a moat, and the wall, which was higher here, judging by the amount of stone that existed in the place. This village is based on proto-historical structures, probably from the Bronze Age, which possibly gave rise to the people of Vinhais.

From the 1st / 2nd century AD, this fortified town lost its importance. The need for more fertile land made people move from the top of the hills to valleys where there was better agricultural land. By this time, this Castro will have been abandoned, with its people occupying the valley further south.