Alheira IGP, with sauteed sprouts (TMAD)



It is the most regional, most consumed and known sausage in the country. “This traditional Trás-os-Montes smoked sausage is made from various meats (pork and poultry, with some game, beef, or ham) and wheat bread (maximum 25% of the sausage), and is cooked and seasoned with salt, garlic and sweet and/or spicy paprika, and olive oil from Trás-os-Montes. It has a cylindrical horseshoe shape and an orange colour. (…) The length is variable (20 to 25 cm), the diameter ranges from 2 to 3 cm and the weight from 150 to 200 g; the casing consists of dry cow or pig gut. The flavour is characteristic, highlighting the seasoning with a lot of garlic, which will be the origin of its name as alheira. Smoking is carried out with a low fire made of olive wood, or oak wood, for a period of less than 8 days”.

The best way to enjoy them, the most popular in the region at least, is still served with sprouts and potatoes boiled and then sautéed in the corresponding fat, accompanied by berdosas or cabbage rice. The sprouts must be turnip greens, cut still tender, lightly cooked with little salt, simmered in olive oil and garlic, and added to crumbed crusty bread and a good spoonful of vinegar.