Almond sweets from Foz Côa/Mós do Douro

Vila Nova de Foz Côa



almond / Sugar /

Made in a traditional way, and for this reason, they take time to be prepared. From the harvesting, through the typical "varejar", to the breaking of the almond that join the comunity together in long evenings, going through the peeling and to finalize the necessity to laminate the skinless almond in very thin films, make this festive sweet very appreciated for its manufacture. The involvement of the ingredients itself obeys to high quality criteria and equal patience until reaching the point of being able to put them in the oven.

For hundreds of years this festive candy was made only at Easter. Nowadays this candy is prepared in three distinct festive season: Easter, Christmas and at the Feasts of "Nossa Senhora" in September. Traditionally, they are accompanied by port wine from the region.