Amêndoa Coberta de Moncorvo PGI - Winner of 7 Wonders of Portuguese Candies

Torre de Moncorvo



Almond, Sugar /

The “Amêndoa coberta de Moncorvo” is a confectionery product obtained of peeled almonds, roasted and covered with a mass of sugar. Can be sold in three versions: white or common; brunettes or chocolate and peeled. The common version has a white exterior color and highlights the characteristic sugar tips formed during the cooking period. The Brown version differs from the comun version by the use chocolate syrup in the final fase. The peeled version has a whitish outer color resulting from a thin coating of sugar that does not show the characteristic sugar tips of the other versions. The almond is peeled and placed in the oven to roast. Sugar syrup is prepared by dissolving sugar in water over heat. Chocolate syrup is prepared by adding chocolate or cocoa powder to sugar syrup. The roasted almonds are placed in a copper bowl, over a heat source, and drizzled with the sugar syrup. The "cobrideira"( name given to the women who produce this specific almonds) move the almonds kernels until the syrup is completely attached. This process is repetead one and once again, the more worked, the larger the nozels.

The “Amêndoa Coberta de Moncorvo” has an easily identifiable and distinguishable appearance from other candied almonds