Macedo de Cavaleiros


This sweet in the appearance of a horseshoe, an inseparable companion since remote times of the Easter Folar, quickly became an all-year treat, sweetening the days of the people of the municipality and becoming a mandatory presence at their tables.

“(…) What are the ingredients of the Calços? Naturally, flour, eggs, olive oil, baker's yeast, and orange peel and juice (…) After everything is well kneaded, leave the rest of the dough to leave overnight, or at least for seven to eight hours. Then it is time to feel how soft and mouldable the dough is. Start taking small bits of the dough and moulding them into horseshoes. It is this shape that gives the sweet its name - Calço. Finally, brush it with beaten egg and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon (…)” .in © Virgílio Nogueiro Gomes.

There is nothing better than listening directly to Dona Maria Luísa Araújo in the following video - - that leads us to an irrefutable and remarkable experience.