Canelões do Peredo dos Castelhanos

Torre de Moncorvo



eggs, sugar, flour, cinnamon /

Beat 6 eggs very well with 250gr of sugar. Then mix one tablespoon of cinnamon with 250gr of flour and add to previous mix. Put the iron (just like the old cooking iron like wafers) to heat on the gas oven.

When the iron is very hot, grease it with a cloth soaked in olive oil. Pour a dessert spoon of the dough and place it on the fire to be cooked. Remove the iron from the heat, remove the mass from the iron and immediately with your hands wrap it around a cane. Once they cold, are kept in a well closed containers so they can remain crunchy.

Characteristic of a smal vilage called Peredo dos Castelhanos and of Jewish influence, these candies have been produced for as long as there is memory. Handcrafted with the same irons used as church wafers, they are found on every table in the village. It is believed that the name comes from the spanish influence of the Spaniards who inhabited the village. The shape can be confused with the famous spanish "canelones".