Garlic, salt, orange slices, laurel, sweet and hot paprika, red wine, and chili. /

The chichos (pork loin cut into small pieces) are seasoned with garlic cloves, salt, orange slices, bay leaf, sweet and hot bell pepper, wine, and piripiri. This seasoning is called "surça".

Sustenance for much of the year, the pig was the main source of protein of the people of Planalto Mirandês, so it was fully exploited. They were raised in the pigsty and in January or February when they were at the right time, the slaughtering was carried out as if it were a family or next-door neighbors' event. On the day after the slaughter, with razors and well sharpened axes, the meat was cut up and cut to shape according to the smoking piece it was destined for. The preparation of all of them took place in the kitchen by the fireplace. The meat would remain in this seasoning for about three or four days, stirring, preferably in the morning and at night, to gain flavor. During this period the meat was tasted to adjust the amount of salt. While the fire was very much alive to warm the frozen bodies of the harsh winters and with embers to grill the chichos, the moment was ideal to taste the delicacy.