Folar de Maçã

Carrazeda de Ansiães


This Apple Folar is an innovative product that harmoniously combines the common elements of the Trás-os-Montes bola (meat bread), with unexpected and innovative ingredients.

It is based on traditional elements such as the dough of the Trás-os-Montes bola and endogenous ingredients from the Carrazeda plateau, such as apples, and from the Douro region, such as grapes (raisins) and oranges. Ingredients such as flour, olive oil, orange, milk, and baking soda are part of the dough that is the base of the folar. The filling consists of apples, egg cream, raisins, almond, and cinnamon. This mixture results in a sweet with a smooth flavour that highlights the texture and taste of the sliced and moistened apple of Carrazeda.

In the following video - - Dona Adélia Ribeiro reveals the story of its creation. It should be noted that the apple produced on the Carrazeda plateau, 600 metres in altitude, is of excellent quality and stands out from the rest for its aroma, colour, texture, and taste.

It is on the Carrazeda plateau that farmers have long bet on apple orchard plantations. The apple from this plateau is juicy and subject to the highest selection standards.

This sweet is accompanied by grapes (raisins) from the Douro Valley World Heritage, in an innovative use of this product, which is also a crown jewel of the municipality. And because the Apple Folar is an invitation, but also because we are in the “oldest demarcated region in the world”, this sweet is savoured with an extraordinary fine fortified wine.