Laranja Azeitada da Vilariça

Vila Flor


Get some oranges from Vilariça and cut them into slices, leaving small strips of the peel. Remove the stones and sprinkle them with chopped garlic and a little coarse salt. Then, drizzle with olive oil – oil with a hint of a spicy green. This oiled orange (in Portuguese Laranja Azeitada) was initially a midday snack, which was accompanied by bread and olives. It was the use of leftover oranges or more acidic oranges. It later became the rich orange or the nobleman's orange, with the addition of a few powders of yellow sugar and a little bit of spice or served to decorate capon, lamb, or pork roasts. Currently, in some of our restaurants, it is presented as a salad or as a dessert when accompanied by an olive jam.