Migas de Peixe do Rio ( Vila Nova de Foz Côa/Torre de Moncorvo)

Torre de Moncorvo



Homebread; river fish ; pennyroyal, also known as “fishmonger herb”; tomato; oil; onion; eggs; salt. /

Cut the onion into thin slices and cook in olive oil, without letting it brown. Add the diced tomato and let it cook. When the tomato is already soft, sprinkle it with water, add salt and let it boil. Put the fish and the fishmonger herb, cover up and let it bake. After baked, remo the fish and add the previously beaten eggs. Cut the bread into slices to a tureen.

Pour the broth on top of the bread, smother it for a while so that the broth gets into the bread. Fish can be served separately.

Over several generations the main source of food at Foz do Sabor( small vilage at Torre de Moncorvo) was the river fishing. At Foz do sabor you have the meeting of two rivers, the "Douro" and "Sabor ". Nowadays the " migas de peixe do rio" are a tourist and economic asset for the region.