Milhos Doces ( Sweet Corn)

Torre de Moncorvo



corn semolina [corn cob or corn], sugar, milk [cow], water, orange zest, salt and cinnamon powder. /

wash [very well] the corn semolina so that no coarse husk remains; put in a pan and cook it, in a little water, and when half cooked add the milk and almost cooked add the sugar-always on low heat and stirring constantly. Let it cool and decorate with cinnamon.

Native cereals, in addition to those introduced during the post-discovery period, and related wild grains, have always had a prominent place in the diet of the Transmontanos. Whoever owned land, had mills to process the grain and then sell or consume it. The "corn" was taken to the mill, sifted and separated. The result was the thicker shells and the finer semolina. The thicker shells went to feed the animals and the semolina went to human alimentacion. From finer semolina are made the "milhos doces", which belong to the tradicional sweets in the area of ​​Torre de Moncorvo and Freixo de Espada à Cinta, nowadays it is essential in the Christmas dinner.