Posta Mirandesa

Miranda do Douro



1.2 kg of veal from Mirandela / Coarse salt q.s. / 1dl of olive oil / 20 ml of white vinegar / 25g of garlic / 25g of sweet pepper / Coarse salt, finely chopped chilli and powdered bay, q.s. /

The meat must be from the Mirandela veal, as these animals are raised in natural pastures, outdoors, and are fed exclusively on the base of natural products.

The fire should be strong at the beginning of cooking and the embers should be evenly distributed to distribute the heat evenly as well.

The grid should be placed at approximately 10 cm of the embers.

When the meat is ready, remove and place it near a source of heat, so that its sauce is drained to be used later.

Meat should be served rare.

Preparation Mode:

Cut the meat into four chunks with a thickness of 3 to 4 cm, approx. 300 g each.

Place the meat on the grill, without seasoning, and then sprinkle it with salt to taste.

When you start to see small drops of blood on the surface, turn the flesh over without chopping it to keep it tender and juicy.

Serve with boiled potatoes in their skins and sautéed sprouts, all washed down with the sauce.

Chop the garlic.

Add and mix well with the remaining ingredients.

Add the sauce from the meat preparation.