Terrincho lamb stew

Torre de Moncorvo



Terrincho lamb - DOP, potatoes, large onions, garlic, laurel, parsley, tomatoes, large chilli peppers, tablespoons of oil, glass of white wine, homemade bread /

Put everything raw in a pot except the potatoes, bread and wine.

Let it settle and add a glass of white wine.When the lamb is half-cooked, mix 1 kg of cubed potatoes.Once ready, place slices of homemade bread at the bottom of the platter, on which the meat, potatoes and broth will be placed.

The Terrincho Lamb belongs to the Churra da Terra Transmontana breed, and is a product with protected designation of origin. The traditional management of these animals, which feed mainly on spontaneous herbs, is associated with the exploration of olive/almond groves in our region, which gives different tasting to the meat.