Xis Soups




Bread, cooked pork blood, garlic, pork meats, olive oil, apples, oranges and olives /

Homemade wheat bread cut into thin slices, for a tureen or a deep dish.

This bread is softened with the broth of previously cooked pork meats, seasoned with salt and garlic, so that the bread is just stewed.

Top it with plenty of crumbled, previously cooked pig's blood, seasoned with salt, garlic, and laurel leaf, garnished with rojões and pieces of oasted pig's liver. Then everything is drizzled with lard or boiling olive oil, and finally served with sliced raw apple and/or sliced orange. The curious name is due to the sound produced by the boiling oil when it is poured over the soups.

The "Sopas de Xis" are, in fact, the "Sopas de Tchis". It is a traditional dish from Mogadouro, with a history that refers to past times in a rural world. Tradition dictates that "Sopas de Tchis" are eaten on the day of the pig slaughter.